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Camera, Editing, Directing & Producing


Ever since watching the making of “Star Wars” as a teen I have been passionate about creating my own visual impact in the world of media. Starting as a cadet in the heady days of TVNZ’s production era I cut my teeth on iconic shows such as McPhail and Gadsby, After School, What Now and the Miss New Zealand pageants. This gave me invaluable insight and training in all aspects of television and video production. Skills which have been honed to exacting professional standards and recognised within the industry by numerous New Zealand television awards.

It is this passion and love of the industry that I transfer into every project I undertake.Whether it’s sharing a message, entertaining an audience, expressing an art form or telling your story, it is always a privilege to embrace the challenges and create a meaningful and memorable work on screen. 

For me this is more than a job, this is my way of life. A life that is, well… sweet as. 


Music Producer, Musician, Creative Writer, Photograghy, Sales and Marketing


For 48 years I've been involved in sales and for me that means I love communicating and connecting with my customers and clients. Creating custom music tracks for my clients and making it personal is the process that helps them achieve their commercial goals. This is all possible through as many years being a composer, musician, singer-songwriter and producer.

Teaming up with Paul has allowed me to develop my passion for photography and video production. 

Big Daddy Blues - Eddie Simon
Crash & Cry - Eddie Simon
That's The Way - Eddie Simon